Solved:Facebook share not showing description

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downloadThe problem with custom blogger templates these    days is that when you share the post on Facebook using fbshare button it won’t show the description but just like any other problem this problem can be solved in fact we have solved it  So if you too are suffering from this problem then follow along with this tutorial and we hope that this tutorial will help you. Of course we cannot  guaranty you that after this your problem will be solved but there are high chances that this tutorial will work for you.

Method 1 : By editing blogger template

  • First of go to and take a backup of your blogger template
  • Then move to edit html section of your template
  • Check Expand Widget Templates
  • After that find for code written below in your template
  • Replace it with the code below

Method 2 : Manually placing tag in post

If above method doesn’t worked  for you  don’t worry you can manually place <p> tags in post while writing post but this task is quite difficult in blogger but this is a way to sort out this problem.

Method 3 : Using Windows live writer to write blogger post

This is the most cool and easy way to solve this problem as windows live writer will automatically place <p> tags in your post not only this it will also provide you a better way to write your post with advanced text editing tools and the best part is that it configures your blogger template so you the post will be perfect there.

So if you don’t know how to write post using windows live writer you can read our post on how download install and configure windows live writer to write post.Link for the tutorial is given below.

  • Shyam Chathuranga

    You can easily fix the Link Preview Error in Facebook by using OG Tags.

    • Ankit Singh

      Indeed you can but i find this method easier

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